About us

West Wales Biodiversity Information Centre (WWBIC) is one of the four Local Environmental Records Centres in Wales (LERCs), covering the counties of Pembrokeshire, Ceredigion, and Carmarthenshire (excluding the Brecon Beacons National Park). 

The primary role of the company is to collect, collate, and disseminate biodiversity information for the region. Managing a growing database of more than 4 million species and a collection of habitat and protected sites information, we respond to data requests from our partners, including local authorities, government bodies and private consultants. We also run a variety of projects and work closely with the recording community.

The biological recording community is vitally important to the company, as sharing their records enables us to grow the database of species information which provides an essential evidence base for putting biodiversity at the heart of decision-making.

All four Local Environmental Records Centres in Wales work together as a consortium under the banner LERC Wales.


You can contribute to our growing database of wildlife information.

Record what you see, using the LERC Wales App or WWBIC online.

You don’t need to be an expert! We want records of all species, including common sightings!


Explore data across all four LERCs in Wales on the public access tab:

  • What’s in my area?
    -download a species list of all records from a grid reference or post code.
  • Species Distribution Maps
    -a Wales-wide, interactive, colour coded map which displays the number of records per 10km square, for the species selected.

Support available

  • Biological Recording Training -this will help you make the most of our resources and become a better wildlife recorder.
  • Species Identification Training -we have collated a range of informative videos on our YouTube Channel to improve your identification skills. There is also information and identification groups on our Facebook page, which is accessible through the link at the bottom of this page.
  • Recording Days -an opportunity for County Recorders (the local experts) to record on your land..
  • Mapping services -site-based maps of your area highlighted with biodiversity features, species records, protected sites, and semi-natural habitats.


For more details on who we are as your Local Environmental Record Centre, and how we can support you please download the document below: