Colin Russell, Centre Manager

Colin joined WWBIC in 2008 and his responsibilities, as well as managing all aspects of the centre, include liason with WWBIC’s funding partners and the other three Local Environmental Record Centre’s across Wales. WWBIC’s position in this close network of LERC’s means that as manager, he can access the experience available within the other centres, and contribute at a strategic level to delivering the highest quality biodiversity information for the public benefit.

Colin has a degree in zoology and a great love of the countryside. His hobbies over the years have taken him outdoors climbing, surfing and lately, sailing around the Pembrokeshire coast and Haven Waterway.

Kate Smith, Senior Species Data Officer

Kate joined WWBIC in 2006 and is responsible for managing our database of biological records. Kate has a key role in maintaining the high quality of biodiversity information which we can provide. As part of this role she works closely with voluntary and professional biological recorders around our region to collate, manage and validate information on species.

Kate’s hobbies include travelling, walking and photography. Many of the images you see on the website are Kate’s work from West Wales. She has a deep love of natural history, wildlife and nature conservation, and a great admiration for people who have the time and knowledge to make biological records with such accuracy and care.



Emily Shaw, Biodiversity Information Assistant

Emily recently graduated with a degree in Zoology from Cardiff University, and conducted her thesis on the behavioural responses of freshwater fish shoals to aquatic parasites; exploring the possibility of using fish as parasite bio-control agents in aquaculture. During her degree she also undertook a professional training year as a research assistant within the CRIPES Lab at Cardiff University in conjunction with the AquaWales Research Cluster, conducting research on the role of disease resistance in farmed Nile Tilapia (Oreochromis niloticus) by focusing on the effects of aquaculture stressors.

Emily’s interests include walking, wildlife photography and wildlife gardening.  In her spare time, Emily enjoys getting involved in citizen science projects which raise awareness of our wildlife and biological recording. She has been a long-term volunteer at the Natural History Museum Wildlife Garden in her home city of London, assisting with habitat maintenance and collecting Biodiversity Data. She is passionate about marine wildlife, recently volunteering for Sea Trust in Pembrokeshire, as a Porpoise Photo ID Surveyor.

WWBIC Directors

  • Jane Hodges (Chair)
  • Nigel Ajax-Lewis (Secretary)
  • Annie Haycock
  • Bob Haycock
  • Trevor Theobald
  • Lizzie Wilberforce
  • Huw Jones
  • Chloe Griffiths
  • Fiona Lanc

WWBIC would like to recruit new directors to the board. We would be particularly interested in people with a business or IT background. If you think you have the right experience and skills to be an asset to the company and you would like to contribute to the work we do as a voluntary director, please contact the manager, Colin Russell colin@westwalesbiodiversity.org.uk