Local Recorder Services

We can support recorders and local groups by providing

  • Biological Recording Training

This will help you make the most of our resources, and become a better wildlife recorder. We can offer this to online and in person to a group of 8 people or more. Please contact us for more details.

  • Species Identification Training

We have collated a range of informative videos on our YouTube Channel to improve your identification skills. We also organize events and field courses, for more information please see our Events page.

  • Recording Days

An opportunity for County Recorders (the local experts) to record on your land creating a species list of what was seen on the day. Do you own a small holding/ private land that you would like surveyed? Please contact us for more details.

  • Local Wildlife News and Events

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  • Recorders Forum

Annual forum with an update on WWBIC news and interesting talks (watch our 2022 online forum here).

  • Webpage Hosting

We can link to your webpage on our Local groups page and/ or host a page on our website (see Carmarthenshire Bat Group).

  • Help you get in touch with local experts

We have a list of County Recorders (local experts) who can help you with identification and verify records.


WWBIC offers a range of services to local recorders including:

  • recording software and IT advice
  • digitisation of paper records
  • help with the production of guides and atlases
  • annual recorders forum
  • recording days
  • identification and recording training days