“White Moulds, Ramularia and Phacellium Anamorphs in Wales and Britain” now available!

This is just a message to hopefully promote the new book “White Moulds, Ramularia and Phacellium Anamorphs, in Wales and Britain: a Guide and Welsh Census Catalogue” which has now been printed. This is the 5th volume in the series covering phytoparasitic microfungi by the Welsh Microfungi Group. This group of fungal pathogens are very common, yet very under-recorded. Using the book it should be possible to identify most species found and hopefully generate lots of new records.

There is no similar book available and most specialist books are very expensive as we all know. Thanks to generous help from the BSPP and BMS we are able to sell the books at a very affordable price, thus, at £6.50 plus p&p it’s an absolute bargain! 

The “White Moulds, Ramularia and Phacellium Anamorphs in Wales and Britain” is the latest in an award-winning series of books on phytoparasitic fungi written by the Welsh Microfungi Group. This volume covers the White Moulds which are a comparatively neglected group compared to the Rusts, Smuts, Downy and Powdery Mildews. However, they are very common and can be conspicuous, infecting a wide range of plants and a few species are economically important as agricultural and horticultural pathogens. There are around 350 species worldwide, including about 108 recorded for Britain and Ireland, of which 81 have so far been found in Wales. Most are surprisingly easy to identify.

The book aims to raise the profile of the White Moulds and provides an identification guide to the species found in Wales and in Britain. It includes an Introduction to the group, with sections on Finding; Collecting and Preservation; Identification; Conservation and Habitat Preferences. These are followed by detailed Species Accounts which form the main part of the book. There is a Census Catalogue of species recorded in Wales and useful Tables of all the species recorded in Britain and Ireland sorted by fungus and by host.

The book is richly illustrated including full colour macroscopic images of infected plants and microscopic images of the fungi. Using the book and knowing the host species it should be possible to identify most of the species collected and we hope it will encourage and stimulate more recording of this group. The book is in A4 format, spirally bound with a plastic-coated cover and contains 128 pages and over 300 images. You can examine an online version through the link below.
Copies, as a result of financial support from the British Society for Plant Pathology and the British Mycological Society, only cost £6.50 plus £3.20 p&p directly from Ray Woods, Ty Mawr Mill, Builth Wells, Powys. LD2 3SH. Email: raygwoods@aol.com
Hard copies will also be available from on-line book suppliers (ISBN 978-0-956 5750-5-0) and digital copies can be download free from here.
Copies of all the previous volumes in the series: Rust Fungus Red Data List of Wales; Smut and Allied Fungi of Wales; Powdery Mildews of Wales; Downy Mildews and White Blisterrusts of Wales are also available to download from here. 
Hard copies of the Downy Mildews (Peronosporaeae) and White Blister-rusts (Albuginaceae) of Wales: ringbound cost £8.50 plus £3.20 p&p; perfectly bound cost £12 plus £3.20 p&p, both directly from Ray Woods, (see above)
Hard copies of The Powdery Mildews (Erysiphales) of Wales: An Identification Guide and Census Catalogue: ringbound with plastic cover cost £6 plus £3.20 p&p directly from Debbie Evans. Email: debbie.felin@btopenworld.com
Hard copies are also available from on-line book suppliers.