Conservation Opportunities Planning Tool

Biodiversity assessment for Pembrokeshire

A web map developed for Pembrokeshire Biodiversity Partnership to inform practical site based conservation. This tool allows users to view information relating to biodiversity value, species records and habitat suitability for the entire county. All of these data have been created and curated by WWBIC.

Haycastle Square Challenge

Improve participants understanding and skills in biological recording. The Square Challenge is a partnership project which encourages community groups to become involved with biological recording, to enthuse and train people to identify, record and direct their biological records towards their Local Environmental Records Centre, targeting areas where there are known gaps in recording. Aims of this project were to:

  • Generate valid biological records in areas of Pembrokeshire with historically low levels of wildlife recording
  • Improve participants understanding and skills in biological recording

The Square Challenge Report

Biodiversity Assessment

Biodiversity assessment for Aberystwyth

A Study of Biodiversity and Ecological Connectivity within Settlement Areas in Carmarthenshire. Aberaeron, Aberystwyth and Lampeter were assessed in Ceredigion. This work combined species, habitat and site designations through a focal statistics analysis.

Biodiversity Assessments for Forward Planning in Carmarthen

Natural Capital Audit

Collation of summarised information on biodiversity and the wider environment to assist the farming community in West Wales in diversification of interests