Elm finding and identification help!

Arthur Chater has kindly given his permission to download his Flora of Cardiganshire, with extensive information on Elm locations here and notes:

“ I think there is only one real elm wood in the county now, at SN56307350, on the east side of the A487 (difficult to park nearby).”

Steve Chambers is our Vice County Recorder for plants, and can be contacted for identification help via email. He adds some comments on particular trees of interest:

“An Ulmus vegeta trees that was assumed to have died, near Chancery, a marvellous old tree in a laneside former gappy hedge line at the foot of a pasture slope. It might be worth targeting as it could draw the butterfly, SN5819.7711.

Perhaps people could try to note whether or not an Elm is one of the primary accepted natives, e.g. Ulmus glabra/scabra (many botanists record ‘Wych Elm’, i.e. these species/subspecies), or whether it is one of the plethora of ‘others’. Save for a very few exceptions planted Elms will all come under ‘others’, as will Elms in hedges etc, but in the county here an Elm in semi-natural woodland is highly likely to be Ulmus glabra/scabra, but of course there are exceptions, e.g. the Elms in the wood between Rhydyfelin & Southgate, and the Elmwood below the road down towards Llanrhystud. Everyone should at least read Arthur’s account of the genus and the Ceredigion taxa in his flora and when they find an Elm look it up in this to see if it is a recorded locality etc.”

Brian Eversham has kindly allowed us to share his work on Elm identification here.

Elm seed

White-Letter Hairstreak and Elm records in Ceredigion

White-Letter Hairstreak and Elm Records for Ceredigion, April 2023

Below are some areas where Elm have been spotted