Yellowhammers: A Call to action

The UK breeding range of the Yellowhammer has contracted by 21% since the late 1960s, with the wintering range contracting by c.9% since 1984.

The extent as well as the quality of the cereal crops in the landscape impacts on the survival of Yellowhammer populations and several factors have contributed to the decline of Yellowhammers in the UK.  Declining winter food resources, i.e., the loss of weedy food-rich stubbles, are thought to be a critical factor.

We are encouraging people, across Wales, to submit sightings of Yellowhammers, either into BirdTrack or the LERC Wales App. This will be critical in helping to determine the status and trends in Yellowhammer populations into the future. If we can work together to build this evidence, it could be used to engage with local people, farmers and other landowners supporting them to adopt practices which benefit Yellowhammers and other struggling species.