Common or Garden Sightings

We are inviting the public to record their sightings of some key species

We are launching a project to record six common species that you may see in your gardens and around West Wales. Our common species are often our most under recorded species. For example, the common toad only has 396 records reported in the past ten years. We need your help to record our underappreciated species!

We have chosen six species which are included in the Section 7 list the Environment (Wales) Act 2016.   This is a list of the living organisms that are of key significance to sustain and improve biodiversity in Wales. Help us gather more information about these species in order to determine whether their numbers are increasing or decreasing.

Have you seen these species?

Blood-vein Timandra comae

Blood-veined moth

Brown Hare

Brown hare





Slow Worm

Slow worm

Bufo bufo

Common toad

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