Butterfly help!

Paul Taylor is the Vice County Recorder for Butterflies, and would be delighted to receive your records, or queries, about butterflies. He can be contacted by:

Email on paulandlesleytaylor@gmail.com

Landline on 01239 654742

Or by mobile on 07811 403713

He is happy to offer help on identification of your butterfly, and you can also put a record straight onto the LERC Wales App or WWBIC Online for him to check. For more information on submitting a record please see here.

To make a record, he asks you to provide:


  • How many you saw

  • What life stage they were at – eg adult, chrysalis, caterpillar, egg

  • A photo if possible!

There are some excellent White-letter Hairstreak identification guides available for free in the following places:

Below is a map of White-Letter Hairstreak records for the WWBIC Region and Ceredigion. For White Letter-Hairstreak records across Wales, please go to Aderyn.

White-Letter Hairstreak Records for the WWBIC Region, April 2023

White-Letter Hairstreak Records for Ceredigion, April 2023